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The Feeling of Having to Gift people..


The feeling of having to gift people things is getting worse year on year.. a time where the country is experiencing the worst financial situation ever, people relying on food banks and pensioners finding it better to take a much needed bed in a hospital just to keep warm, and the shops and online and social media push for everyone to spend more each year.. when will it curve off and become about spending time rather than money again?

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
Ann19842 months ago

I don't think it will go back to the way it used to be I agree nothing better then spending time with someone but today people just spend spend spend without thinking

TiaTia2 months ago

I no longer purchase presents for friends as made the suggestion about stopping and each of them agreed, this has been for many years now. I know it may seem so ungrateful but absolutely hated receiving a gift that I knew I would never use or get use of, just felt it was such a waste of money on both sides. I have no family left, only have the one son and like I say to him the best present I could ever receive is time in his company and time spent with my new Granddaughter - best present I could ever ask for and costs nothing. 😄

MrsCraig2 months ago

I tell all our family and friends not to get me any presents and I genuinely mean it. I tell them not to buy anything for our son either as he has so much stuff, although they don't seem to listen to me on that one! I would much rather spend time with my family and friends as it is something that you can't replace.

Yahya2 months ago

You may be in a better financial position to purchase these gifts but think about the financial position of the person you are giving to.. it puts them under immense pressure to give back and they may not be in a position to be able to do so.

For the kids I just get loads of cardboard boxes, give them pens, glue, blue tac, tape and let there imagination run wild.

Everyone is different but no material item can replace spending time with one and other during christmas

Rockman2 months ago

I'm not on Twitter or Facebook so any family members can't find me on those, but some really kindly ask that I'd install WhatsApp so I did.

Either way, I don't buy them gifts as it's unnecessary. Kind of first world problems, so not actually real problems. lol

Dilligaf2 months ago

None of my friends or family buy Christmas presents unless there's children around, stopped years ago. None of us see the point in buying something that most of the time is bought because you feel you 'have' to buy something and certainly not because a date dictates we should. We buy presents for each other all year round because we care not because of it being December. The best presents are your presence

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