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Can I Filter to Not Have Certain Items ?

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Is there any way I can filter items that I do not want to see. After losing a grandchild I find it difficult at the moment to view/ see baby offers come up. Also not keen on ‘Ann Summer’ style of wear, call me a prude, a place for that and it’s not with my breakfast.

20 days ago
What do you think of this?
sarahgreen1520 days ago

I would also like to know this - as someone who has been trying unsuccessfully for a baby for a few years now, it’s hard seeing all the baby items.. sorry for your loss x

gaelle050120 days ago

You could maybe tick everything except 'kids' in the categories? That might work if people tagged the items properly? so sorry for your loss

MrsCraig20 days ago

I am so very sorry for your loss and the loss of your family. It is not easy to process such a thing. I hope you have a support network around you but if not i have found people on here are very supportive and very caring.

I can't answer how to filter items but I hope that you and your family can slowly move forward from this. I don't like saying move on as I believe that you don't move on from these events but that you move forward.

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