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Fly Tipping Hits 10-Year High

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Fly tipping hits 10-year high as campaigners say problem fuelled by complex rubbish bin rules

Fly tipping has reached a 10-year high in England, as campaigners warn the problem may have been fuelled by confusion over complex waste disposal rules. 

Councils reported 1,072,000 incidents of illegal dumping in 2018/19, reaching the highest level since 2008/09 after an increase of 8% on the previous year, according to figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). 

Nearly two-thirds of cases involved household rubbish and mostly featured waste abandoned on roads and pavements, prompting suggestions the offending was linked to the bin policy of councils. 

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
blacklabrador7 months ago

Where I live, the rules and restrictions on taking rubbish to the tip are ridiculous.

They film your number plate when you arrive, you sometimes have to show a utility bill so they know you are local and allowed to use the tip.

They also limit the amount of times you can visit to twice a week.

Surely they realise that the money they are having to pay to clear up fly tips is more than the cost of relaxing rules at the local tips. So what if someone visits the tip ten times a week, the rubbish has to go somewhere!

Janhrrs7 months ago

It's exactly the same here. Whilst I 100% disagree with fly tipping I said to my husband only a few weeks back that it's no surprise that we have a problem with it. The charges and regulations are ridiculous. I think from memory it costs £40 to dump a broken fridge. So if someone is struggling and has the misfortune for their fridge to break they have to worry about the cost of disposing of the old one as well as buying a new one. Surely it would be far better to encourage people to use their local dump than deal with the effects on the environment, landowners and costs to council?

MumOfThree7 months ago

The rules have also changed where i live so you have to take a council tax bill - I can't see this as being a benefit only a hindrance. I used to take rubbish to work with me and take it to the tip on my lunch break as when i finish work my local would be closed. I can't do this anymore as it's not my local so now i struggle.

Mango47 months ago

I partially blame the councils for not allowing people to dispose of their rubbish properly . a few weeks ago a friend of mine who has small works van took an old TV from his house to the tip, nothing else just one single TV, they refused to allow him to dump it as he was in a van. He came home transferred it to the boot of his car returned to the tip , dropped of no questions asked, other probably would have just fly tipped it somewhere. They are an absolute nightmare at out Tip watching your every move,refusing but refusing to help anyone on Health and Safety grounds. Councils certainly don't make it easy for people to dispose of their rubbish

SuzJ7 months ago

We had some guys fly tip in the middle of our road once, right down the middle. The idiots left paperwork ripped up in adminst all the rubble and crap from which we managed to extract a phone number (local business) who sent them back to pick it up. They didn't want to be confronted so came back at 3 in the morning but as luck would have it their vehicle lights shone in the window and woke us up. So we went to have a word. Got a wee bit heated but I don't think they'll be doing that again. Idiots.

BonzoBanana7 months ago

I don't run a business but making it difficult and expensive for businesses to dispose of items so they end up flytipping and costing more money to clean it up is clearly a poorly thought out policy especially as we need to reduce costs to businesses. Better to put a tax on large appliances and other goods that are expensive to recycle at the time of purchase. So the payment is there. Especially if we are trying to stop damaging the environment the more expensive such goods are the more likely they will keep them longer and have them repaired rather than replaced so attacking the problem from different angles.

Pjran7 months ago

People who fly tip should be prosecuted and fined but it’s difficult to catch them in the act! Councils aren’t doing our society any favours now they’ve introduced charges to collect unwanted furniture and tips have rules too. It’s easy to fly tip around here with lots of forest roads and car parks.

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