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Is it just me but are less places offering free delivery- the threshold to qualify seems to of shot up too. Has really put me off shopping at some places with great deals 😑

3 months ago
What do you think of this?
Rockman3 months ago

Online retailers that sell food exclusively tend to be the ones who abuse it and charge far too much.

Let's say, you buy some sweet for 50p, but then the shipping is £4.50 or so. It's just unreasonable.

CeX who sell used games, phones and electronics are terrible with free shipping. They'll charge £1.50 for every item that's below £50 (I think) so no one buys a ton of cheap games from them online anymore.

Faye13 months ago

If it it free delivery the thing you are buying the delivery is often added on to it. so if you buy to products you pay delivery twice with out realising. I have a family business and we don’t offer free delivery but we price match and we are always cheaper than anywhere including delivery. so if you find something just check to make sure that even if it’s free delivery somewhere else could be selling it with delivery and it would still be cheaper.

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