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Freebie removed?


I posted a freebie of a Bandcamp soundtrack and moments later it was removed. Is there a reason as to why?

Bandcamp is a genuine website, like an indie website for musicians.

What do you think of this?
Kelsey7 months ago

Hi Rockman

Sorry about that - we've implemented an automatic moderation system to flag deals if they contain anything the system deems suspect. It gets it wrong sometimes (as it has in this case). I've reinstated your freebie :slight_smile:

Improving the messaging when this happens is high up on the to-do list so people at least know what's going on.

Rockman7 months ago

Hey Kelsey I also had a freebie of two Android apps that were removed. Was that something prohibited? I use them on my spare phones and they are great. Definitely better than hunting for the bats on TopCashBack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kelsey7 months ago

Rockman I went to check but think one of the lovely other members of the team have already approved it! Nothing wrong with that freebie - couldn't even tell you why it got put in the queue. I've built a moderation system with a mind of it's own :nerd: :grin: