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Should Gaming Be Part of the School Curriculum?

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I’ve read that it’s been introduced to the Richard Cloudesley School for special educational needs, and they claim it helps with pupils' communication and problem-solving skills

There are certainly a lot of educational games out there

So surely it’ll be beneficial to have it in all schools? Now that we are living in the modern world and all

12 months ago
What do you think of this?
PhilipMarc12 months ago

"Special" students are treated differently for a good reason but no, keep gaming out of schools. If they become too obsessed with it then the students will never get anything done and some may act up like spoiled brats making demands.

However, that behavior isn't the fault of games but each individual. It's not relevant if we live in "modern" times as that sort of mentality can be harmful while having good intentions.

KirsteyJames12 months ago

Finally a subject my son would get top grades in 🤣 But seriously, ive seen some schools have ipads with educational games with shapes, numbers etc and they work well.

Gaming as in xbox & playstation i dont agree with in all schools. Besides only certain pupils would be allowed to use them in some mainstream schools. I was in the top class at school and the naughty kids in the lower class were always doing more activites and being taken places that everyone else wasnt. Like why were they given treats for being naughty!

sarahgreen1512 months ago

I think schools have been introducing educational games since I was in secondary school (10 years ago), they used maths / number games specifically... I don’t think they should be taught ”gaming” as such because so many of them already do it at home all the time.. my step son during the week plays his PlayStation all evening every evening, i feel like the younger generation are already completely technologically literate because they’ve been brought up with it, they don’t need to be taught it..

12 months ago

I think if Game Theory was studied this might be interesting for those at school.

For those you are not familiar with Game Theory here is a brief explanation: Game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interaction in between rational decision-makers. It has applications in all fields of social science, as well as in logic and computer science.

Also, you might be able link in Coding Games, which is a practice used in a lot corporate companies team building training.

It's a methodology that a lot of schools and business have adopted over the years.

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