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Would You Go on Holiday without Your Children


I've just been reading that family holidays are no more. Mum and dad leaves children with there gran and grandad. So they can go away on holiday. I use love going away with my mum and dad. We had some lovely holidays. Ones I will all ways remember. I think it's a shame that the kids do not go away with there mum and dad. They grow up so fast now. They could start there holiday's when they grown up. Like in there teen's. When they would not be seen with mum and dad on holiday. What do you make of it. And would you go away and leave your children at home and why. 👜👜

5 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig5 months ago

I remember when I was in primary school my mum and dad went to China for their silver wedding anniversary and I stayed with friends. It was during the school term. I I also remember being in Secondary school and staying with friends when my mum went on holiday with her friend. I still went on family holidays with my parents though. I think that if the child is staying with Gran and Grandad then it gives them wonderful memories and they are still having a family holiday. My MIL would love to look after my wee one for a week during the holidays. I think as long as they still go away at some point with parents then it is fine.

Lynibis5 months ago

The demands of daily life with both parents working means that quality family time can be a rare commodity. Holidays may be the only time children get to spend fun, quality time with parents who are not tired and stressed and it is so important to build memories. Parents can always have a weekend away and leave kids with grandparents so they both get a good time to make memories, as long as it is not INSTEAD of holidaying as a family.

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