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Are You a Golfing Widow? or Any Other Hobby

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My husband plays a lot of golf, at least 3-4 times a week, he is retired, even when he's not playing he is watching golf or some other sport on TV. Friends have suggested I learn to play, a case of if you can't beat them join them but I have no interest. Does your other half have a hobby which takes up a lot of time?

10 days ago
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BlueOrchid10 days ago

My hubby likes to watch crime/jail related programmes. He also loves to play computer games 😂I'm rubbish at it so I won't be joining him 😂😂😂I enjoy crafts, reading.. we do watch some programmes and films together though

Golfforall10 days ago

You should learn to play . The handicap system means that whatever standard you are you can play on an equal footing . You never know you may get bitten by the bug ?

Its not just about golf , its the social side that's good (and its not at all posh !) . All clubs have Ladies sections so you can play with fellow "golf widows " as many do .

And to fully convince you there are some lovely ladies golf outfits to shop for .

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