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Any Good Box Sets Plz


Looking for a new box set to watch after luther help plz . Something u watched and enjoyed n a quick idea of wat its about ty

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis7 months ago

Vikings - self explanatory and everyone must of heard of it by now.

Outlander - Scots V. British, time travel plays a small part, history, romance, fiction, war and strife.

The Borgias - About the Borgia family in Italy in the middle ages, a bit of a forerunner of the mafia I would say. The intrigues, murder and lust keep on coming.

Deadwood: Ian McShane playing a nasty saloon owner in the wild west and new sheriff comes to town, lots of well know figures who really lived like Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock etc.

The Last Kingdom: Another Vikings saga but centred more on one man who is torn between being a Dane or a Saxon as he was born a Saxon but raised as the son of a Dane. Has to fight against the Danes when trapped into serving King Alfred in his wars against the Vikings.

Oh, I could go on but that is enough for now!

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