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Which free apps are great?

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Sometimes there are gems out there be in Google or Apple store that are beyond amazing and are not cluttered with ads and an immense number of popups.

I have a few I'd like to share with you all. (Android only, don't know if they are available on the Apple store)

Fitness related:

FitNotes - best gym log book, I am a pro member and beta tester

Gymster - cute little app to generate exercises based on the fitness equipment you have

Marune - if you do martial arts

Fit Math - calculate your macros, tdee, and other things

Personal Training Coach - if you like to follow one of the famous routines such as Wendler 531 / Sheiko / Texas Method / Push Pull Legs etc have a look

FatSecret - to track your food, better than My fitness Pal just because it has no ads, a slightly better interface. It does not have all the foods like MFP however you will not feel like you're always adding foods.

I can share more if you'd like.

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
kiefersousa2 months ago

I ll make sure i use this after the lockdown. Ill set up a reminder 😂

MeestairChrees2 months ago

AmdroMoney is good for tracking what you spend. Not ty nicest or most modern looking app, but the best of a load I tested (though that was a while ago now).

MeestairChrees2 months ago

Oh and SwipePad is great! Swipe to app shortcuts from the side of your screen. There are paid upgrades which are worth it, but can get a lot out of free too.

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