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Haiti's Capital City in Chaos


Haiti, a country located in North America has entered a chaotic situation where its native population have went berserk. This is due to the fuel prices being increased, as stated by the news network.

I mean, even though fuel prices getting ever so pricier, this is uncalled for. I'd never do this. Those local business folks aren't to be blamed and looted. 😕

I always try to treat wherever I go as my own home, respect and be clean.

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend8 months ago

I've not headed this story. But this petrol war is all the world now. And we just been told it is going up,again. Some supper market's do bring it down. Were we ' live is very dear to buy petrol. So go any were you make sure you do every thing in one go. You can't keep going back and Flo.

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