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Handmade vs Mass Produced

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I'm considering getting a present for my sister and she loves earrings, I have the option handmade Etsy or generic shop bought. I know that the shop bought ones are cheaper, but the handmade ones are unique.

What ones should I choose?

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
garygemmell1 month ago

Handmade lasts longer my GF is a Jeweller she would never buy from those shopping channels QVC etc she just laughs when she sees the stuff on the Chinese websites and those ridiculous all day shopping channels besides half of it comes from China anyway!

Handmade the way to go!

Support local talent and we will all "BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN!"



Username501081 month ago

Have a look at Jenny Juice website, gorgeous handmade jewellery and great prices. I prefer handmade and it helps local businesses

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