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Is It Harder to Be Successful in a Predominantly White Country if you...


Is it harder to be successful in a predominantly white country if you are of another ethnic background?

Do you agree there are perceived social barriers in UK society?

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
MumOfThree2 years ago

There are some social barriers based on status but I know so so many successful people from a range of ethnicities and I really don't think it's the ethnicity that's the issue

JandE862 years ago

Discrimination is as old as time factor; different educational curriculum hence at times others need to study more but then this for some personal reason mustn't be the reason to become unsuccessful... 🙂 I'm very fortunate that since I came here, after I obtained my national insurance, I land myself to a permanent job.. 🙂 good income and benefits (NHS)... I couldn't be more thankful but am striving to be more.. 🙂

AlexS2 years ago

Well it is not about colour here. I am white but not born here and I always had to work harder than tipical to achieve something. So some barriers are but if you are enthusiastic and driven to succeed nothing will stop you. You need to believe in you and pick yourself up when your down otherwise you will fail.

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