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Hello could you all help? I am putting some pamper packs together lotions potions socks and bath bits. Do you prefer scented things for the shower or unscented? if scented what kind of scents? I think its so personal I dont want to give something theyll hate. To clarify I know some things they will love based on cologne etc but am I best leaving soap etc plain? im handmaking and dont want to ruin it! TIA

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig7 months ago

I like scented items as long as they aren't too strong. Things like strawberry, mango, lavender, rose are normally quite mild. Ted baker does nice scented items and they aren't overpowering or the body shop is good too.

KirstyW7 months ago

I personally prefer scented. Depending on the person, I like to buy limited edition shower products that have unique smells such as retro sweets or marshmallows.

angemski7 months ago

Unless you have a good idea of the fragrance they wear daily then go easy on the scented products - one person's luxury smell is another person's toilet cleaner. Don't forget exfoliating gloves 3prs for £2 ebay or shower scrunchie.

KirstyWhit296737 months ago

Personally for me scented items. Body shop is really good I find especially their little bath bombs

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