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What Helps You Drink More Water?


What I do during summer is fill my plastic bottle with water night before

(I got my long plastic bottle at a poundland)

If am going out straight away I only put 3/4 of water and add more water in it before I leave the house.

It really helps, even during the day I do the same if my bottle is finished.

It really makes me drink so much more water during summer.

Only problem I really struggle in winter..

4 days ago
What do you think of this?
AgnesFaludi4 days ago


Yahya4 days ago

I struggle with my daughter with this one...her lips dry, digestion affected, have to chase her with water bottle! Help welcome

Original Poster
3 days ago

Try giving her a treat when she drinks water.

Don't keep giving sweets stuff try

Like saying she can have her favourite fruit, meal, try sugar free jelly.

Little cheap toy

her favourite juice she can have later on, once she drinks her water 1st.

When making the juice don't put alot of juice like some people do.

Put alot more water but make sure it's still have the favour in it.

On a one off tell her she's get a lollipop but just give her 1 if she drinks lots of water.

Same goes for sweets, cake

Get a packet of sweets from poundshop hide it.

On a 1 off give her 1-2sweets

Also you can get those healthy cakes which has less sugar in it in most supermarkets its £1.

If you do it that way, your giving her more healthy stuff & not sweets all the time...

When offering the treats, don't run after her, she will come sooner or later, by the time you've said no treats for you today.

She'll start wondering why your not running after her and come to you, she also will test you... but you will get there because she will want treats

Original Poster
3 days ago

Depending on her age you could try pretty hair accessories will be good as a treat.

something she needs are good idea as well

like pretty pair of shoes.

Pretty Clothes, once she drinks the water you can either go out and buy it or give it to her there and then.

When she's used to drinking more water then you don't have to keep giving treats all the time.

zerocenturyzero3 days ago

Herbal teas help me drink more water such as chamomile tea and red raspberry leaf tea.

ShellyAnn3 days ago

I find it hard to drink water in the winter as I'm too cold as it is. I do put some pineapple and orange squash it with in and I find that encourages me. In the summer it is easy enough. I drink a lot of herbal tea so I'm sure that counts towards my daily quota.

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