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High Street Stores Disappearing


With the convenience of online shopping, it sure has made shopping far easier, more affordable and without the need to face possible unfriendly customers but there's a downside to this, obviously.

Streets will be filled more with apartments/flats, people depending on their retail job will cease to have it and the days of visiting physical retail stores will no longer exist. Sure, there'll always be some but as time passes and those business owners realize they're not doing any profit they'll just close or move elsewhere.

Just yesterday I visited Toys R Us and the shop was barely recognizable and same goes for Maplin.

Supermarkets will be around as they are completely essential and better than buying online, not something you could say for majority of other things.

3 years ago
What do you think of this?
ShellyAnn3 years ago

I wonder what all the former shop workers will do. What jobs are there for them to move into. Online shopping is great on the one hand for people like me who don't drive as I can get things delivered but on the other there goes people's jobs. (Unless you like the idea of working for amazon packing. I don't it.)

Original Poster
3 years ago

I was just gonna say that, warehouse/picking jobs. There's also hotels (receptionist, cleaner, security), airport (same sort of thing as hotels) and so on. Plus, there are other jobs but in a big city like UK's London it kinda restricts what jobs are doable than rural cities (farming, horses, etc).

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