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Holiday Secrets: Is Last Minute Best?

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Channel 4 had a new TV show today called Holiday Secrets: Is Last Minute Best?

It's a great show featuring two families. One who booked months ago, and another who booked last minute.

And best of all it features yours truly giving advice to the last minute family 🙂


I'm happy to report that I was the only deal hunter who's advice actually saved the family money! 😆

Have a watch on 4OD for free, it's available on catch-up and does contain loads of great tools, websites and tips for booking holidays.

24 days ago
What do you think of this?
eyeballkerry23 days ago

I did watch it. So many questions that need answering. Why do people pay so much for their holidays. I have three or four a year and none of mine cost that amount. Who would want to keep changing rooms, I have changed villas after a week but three different rooms in a week is madness. Glad your advice helped but the presenter missed on the cheaper flights. Maybe you would have done a better job overall, I wouldn’t trust her to book my holiday.

Faye123 days ago

I’d love to watch it but i currently don’t have the time can you please tell us which is cheaper. I went on 5 holidays abroad last year some was booked the week before and some was booked a few months in advance but it didn’t really make a difference to price. I found the time of year you are booking for it can be dearer. but when booking in advance or waiting till last min not much changed

Original Poster
23 days ago

In short, it depends. If you want something really specific it's probably best to book long in advance to make sure you get it.

If you're open to being very flexible, i.e. any location, any time, any room, any car etc. etc., then last minute can be cheaper.

Golfforall23 days ago

Haven't watched it but I track holiday prices all the time before booking - and there is no rhyme nor reason to the way prices move . Looked at hotel prices (through their websites ) ,seats remaining on aircraft, time till departure date etc ,etc .

My only conclusions - it rarely gets cheaper in the last month - seems that Travel companies (or their algorithms ) would rather take a hit on unsold seats/hotel rooms/holidays than sell them off cheap at the minute . I've followed holidays down to the night before and if anything they are dearer than 4 weeks before , and certainly never cheaper .

My advice - follow a few holidays -Daily - for a few weeks , they will change by up to 10% ! Up or Down -then pick one when the price is relatively good 30 -35 days before departure. .

Doing it that way I've never had an amazing bargain , but then again I've never overpaid . Sadly the days of turning up at the airport and picking up a cheap holiday to Benidorm are in the past .

hspexy23 days ago

Thanks for letting us know. Will have to watch via on demand when I get a chance. I always prefer last minute deals myself, but as I’m flexible, it always works out well for me

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