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Holidays during Term Time

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Anyone take their children out of school in term time. I believe that as long as thsir attendance is good and they’re doing well then it’s acceptable to have a holiday in term time. Flight Prices are overpriced in the holidays

3 months ago
What do you think of this?
Faye13 months ago

I do but with our council if you take them out and it’s under 5 days you don’t get fined so I tag it onto a school holiday so it’s cheaper. I take them out a few days before the school holiday starts

Mummy183 months ago

I completely agree, as long as they have good attendance prior then I don’t see a problem. Especially before school holidays start e.g in July, they only do fun activities anyway no lessons. Im sure they would be learning more with their family exploring new parts of the world than colouring in!

KirsteyJames3 months ago

We go on holidays to Turkey usually every year in September time so my son (13) has missed the 1st week or 2 of school. Our council do fine £60 if the absent is not authorised but my request has been authorised every year. I wouldnt mind paying the £60 though as we save nearly £500 on the holiday 🤷🏽‍♀️

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