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Hospice for Dog's.


I've just been reading a lovely story about a young lady who runs Britain first ever hospice for Dog's. She calls it grey muzzle canine. She offers peaceful , playful, and and lots lot's of love and cuddles. They have only 6 month to live. She takes them for a by the seaside. She also give them a MacDonald a steak meal and ice cream. She pays all this with her on money. £500 pound per dog. And she do' s a lot of fundraising. The dog have no owner's. So give the best 6 month of their life. She gives them one big party for them. And the end they die with dignified. I thought It was a lovely story. I have dogs my self. And I shed a few tears over reading It.

8 months ago
What do you think of this?
blacklabrador8 months ago

Lovely gesture indeed. The world needs more people like the young lady who is doing this.

SandyRhodes8 months ago

That is so lovely, what a kind hearted person. If only there were more people like that.

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