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Hosting Christmas - PLEASE Give Me Tips!!!

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Hi all,

I’m hosting for 7 this Christmas, usually it’s just the 2 of us for dinner so I’m looking for any tips you all have.

The main thing I’m trying to decide on is do I plate the dinner or put all food on the table n let people help themselves? I can see pros and cons to both and can’t decide

2 months ago
What do you think of this?
hrdaniels19802 months ago

If you’ve got a big enough table I would put everything in the middle except the meat.

You can prep all veg in advance and part steam or boil. the stuffing, pigs in blanket can also be part cooked too.

I always make a nice rich stock with roasted chicken bones or chicken wings with celery carrots and onions a few days in advance so all you have to do is thicken it.

k4ren20062 months ago

We start cooking in the morning then plate up and microwave each dinner just around the queens speech...there's 6 of us. Good luck and don't stress, it'll be fine x

Imnotcheap2 months ago

I've never hosted but to cut Christmas day stress and add time with loved ones I do cooking the day before and just do gravy and heat up in oven Christmas day.

Unless you know how much people like to eat putting in the middle safest bet. People might feel obliged to finish everything if given too much or not like asking for more if not enough

Good luck

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