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The Huge Radio Cash Comps


I have noticed that there have been a lot of huge cash comps going around lately, the highest one was for £20,000.

My question is: has anyone on here ever been lucky enough to win one of those huge radio cash comps? I myself haven't. However, I am strongly determined to win one of those within the next few years. 🙂

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
ACR2 years ago

Unfortunately not. I wonder if they will remove the free online entry option at some point. This is what happened with ITV competitions a number years ago. You now have to pay (or send a postcard, which I can image would go straight in the bin when it arrives)

G05012 years ago

I've always wondered too. No luck for me either.

AgnesFaludi2 years ago


Opportunist172 years ago

I was reading the Mirror online about this Ricky Willis guy:

'How I won £20,000 by entering free competitions' - expert 'comper' reveals easy ways to making thousands online.

Link: https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/how-to-win-free-competitions-5405606.

He said its all about persistence. You never know what you will win 🙂


Opportunist172 years ago

Was reading about this lady on the daily mail online: Woman addicted to entering competitions has won £250,000 worth of prizes and has now given up work to fund her life through contests

* Di spends around two hours a day entering competitions, doing 400 a week

* Won more than 50 holidays in the last 17 years since she started 

* Di refuses to buy items and has raked in a staggering £255,000 of prizes

* Her success means she was able to give up her job as a graphic designer

* Shares her experiences and tips on her blog, Superlucky.me

* Now putting together an e-Book about how her hobby turned into a job

Di's top five ever prizes 

1. VW Beetle - £13,000

2. £7,500 cash from winning Are You Smarter Than A Ten-Year Old (went towards her wedding)

3. All expenses paid trip to New Zealand worth £4,000

4. Glastonbury tickets- worth £500

5. John Lewis vouchers of £500

Total: £25,500

Do you want to be a winner too? Here are Di's tips to take home the prize


1. Be choosy

Di said: 'Decide what you want to win and make a wish list of prizes – from small things like vouchers and tickets to big things like a holiday or a kitchen. If you focus on finding and entering competitions to win those prizes, you'll find the hobby more manageable.

'The first step to winning those dream prizes is to find relevant companies on the internet, Facebook and Twitter – follow them, like them and join their email lists so you'll be the first to hear about new competitions.'

2. Get a new email address

Di advises competition wannabes to set up a new email account especially for comping- to filter out the hundreds of emails compers will received when they enter.

3. Always look for the word 'win'

Di said: 'Whether I'm in the supermarket, on the train, in WHSmith or in a waiting room, I always look out for the magic word - win. You'll be surprised where you find competitions – on products, in magazines, on bus stops… If you have a smartphone you can enter most comps there and then.

'You can also use your phone to search Twitter or Google for comps if you find yourself waiting around – you can always favourite or bookmark them to enter later on.'

4. Put the effort in

Di said: 'The majority of people who enter competitions don't like competitions which take a lot of creativity or effort, but these are the best ones to enter because they offer the best chance of winning.

'If something takes a bit more effort, often you may be the only entrant!'

5. Go local

Di said finding low entry competitions is the key to winning lots and advises checking local magazines, newspapers and shopping centres.

Di said: 'My top tip is to tune in to your local radio stations as the text and phone-in comps get very few entries!'

Sorry for the copy and paste job here 😞 Thought id share it for motivation if you really would fancy that little surprise factor to win 🙂

Link to her story : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2809341/Woman-addicted-entering-competitions-won-250-000-worth-prizes-given-work-fund-life-contests.html


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