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Ironing - How Do You?

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how do you do your ironing as and when or all at once or do you just avoid at all costs? I loathe ironing but am trying to get into the habit of doing a week at a time as It de-stresses my mornings knowing I can dress and run. Besides without coffee kicking in im lethal with heated appliances AM 🙂

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig4 months ago

I only iron what needs to be ironed. When we went to the hospital with my son I took my hair straighteners and used them as an iron.

Janhrrs4 months ago

I avoid at all costs. I tend to try to dry my clothes in the airing cupboard so that the creases fall out and tumble dry towels and bedding, or better still hang bedding out if its a dry day. I do have to admit though when I do iron something I always think it smells fresher, it seems to bring out the fragrance from the fabric conditioner.

angemski4 months ago

I also loathe ironing but a steam generator makes it much more tolerable. If most of your clothing could be tackled on a hanger then a hand held steamer would do the trick. I have both and the hand held is fast and efficient. Having said that, after reading about you and electrical appliances, I wouldn't want to recommend anything that you might put to your head instead of the GHDs......😆

AliceBell644684 months ago

I tend to avoid it mainly as our clothes dry without creases, all my work dresses can go straight back in the cupboard and my boyfriend doesn’t need his work clothes ironing either.. if it was shirts and trousers I would iron them, and I iron any jeans. I always used to do all the ironing when I lived at home with my mom because I used to like doing it, how weird is that! My mom would happily let me do it 😂 and I always iron stuff inside out to avoid any shining on the outer material x

Lynibis4 months ago

I have triple double wardrobes in the bedroom for winter clothes, summer clothes and unironed clothes on hangers straight from washing line or tumble dryer. Ironing board lives in there too. Every so often if I am in the mood I stand for an hour or so and iron whilst watching the bedroom portable tv, but most of my stuff doesn't seem to need ironing as it goes on hangers straight from washing machine or tumbler.

KirstyWhit296734 months ago

I do everything on a Sunday normally. I stick on a playlist and sing along while I do it. Bit cheesy but helps get a boring job done

hspexy4 months ago

Lol i have never prioritised ironing. I try to ensure everything washed is hung as straight as possible to avoid creases, and i only iron items that are ridiculously crinkled

KazLou4 months ago

I only iron when needed I hate ironing but my husband don’t seem to mind it so I usually irons the A’s soon as the clothes have been washed and dryed. (as long as it’s only a small amount though🤣)

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