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Keep Your Distance, but Handling Cash over is Fine.


They're always cleaning everything and trying to keep their distance from customers, though when customers have cash they just hand over like normally.

I honestly don't really care about the whole social distance thing, but they could at least try to follow the rules they're supposed to.

Oh well, whatever, I guess.

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis1 month ago

I have only been on one trip to a local shop for garden waste bags. I checked the council website and saw they were £6.90 so wrapped the correct amount in an anti bacterial wipe. I walked into open door, wearing mask, touched nothing but the item I wanted and made the shopkeeper hold out his hand and I dropped the money on to it, explaining it was right amount in an anti bac wipe. He seemed bemused but pleased!

Back home hung bag up and left a couple of days. Washed hands thoroughly and wiped door handle and key!

AgnesFaludi1 month ago

I think cash is very dangerous. It can be very dirty and the virus can stay on it for 3 days...

I also experienced, that people do not care about social distancing and I do not understand them.

RuthSwain1 month ago

I use card where I can, but when I have had to use cash I have disinfected it when I get home then quarantine it for 3 days

LeighReidAtanas1 month ago

Money is one of the dirtiest things you can touch as many people will have touched it before you.

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