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Keeping Warm in Winter

Money Saving

Heating costs a fortune. What tips do u use that work to reduce your heating costs? I put the foam strips around my doors to keep heat escaping, i ise electric blankets on all the beds (kids love this) i also keep all doors internally closed and close curtains and blinds earlier as this prevents heat loss.

7 months ago
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ShellyAnn7 months ago

I wear lots of layers. I bought a sleeping bag to sit in when watching tv and reading. hot water bottles are great! stay warm for hours. And all what you do eg close doors, curtains, blinds. I don't use my heating. I can't afford it so its never on no matter how low the temperature. I also wear my dressing gown a lot as that's very warm.

sarahgreen157 months ago

Wow! I could not live in Scotland without the heating on In the winter... I’m very stingy with the heating so I try to keep it as low as possible but we have -3 overnight this week, I sit with a blanket, layers and dressing gown but it’s still too cold and my dogs get cold even with their jumpers on...

jcd7 months ago

Cherry stones are really nice (just heat them in the microwave) and stay hot a lot longer than hot water bottles

KirsteyJames7 months ago

Ive had the heating on constantly since august and turned it up to 23 degrees in sep/oct 🤣 we have blankets downstairs aswell to sit on settee. So my gas & electric is £200 a month, I hate the cold 🙊

hspexy7 months ago

I’ve got the thermals on, and I'm keeping them on until spring 2020! And lots of cuddling is good also 😜

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