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Should Kyle Rittenhouse of Been Found Not Guilty?

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I’m finding it really interesting reading the different views and seeing how divided people are over this case.

Although I understand the self-defence defence, I feel like the fact he’s gone out looking for this situation makes that argument kind of redundant and it also doesn’t sit right with me that even the misdemeanor charges were dropped so he’s facing no charges at all after killing people, regardless of weather they attacked him or not.

What do you think? Do you agree with the verdict?

2 weeks ago
What do you think of this?
tumblespots2 weeks ago

Is there a link?

Insight2 weeks ago

The division on this case has mostly been from people who've actually watched the footage and followed the case, and those who've read Twitter headlines and are detached from reality.

The only way the self-defence case could have been massively weakened, is if the prosecution demonstrated some direct provocation from Rittenhouse i.e. raising his gun. But even then, why would you keep chasing someone who pointed a rifle at you if they were fleeing from you. Even if you made a gut reaction mistake and started chasing them, the instant you saw them running away without turning back, that's when you do the same... In the opposite direction... As fast as you can. There are very few circumstances chasing someone armed with a rifle, whilst you're armed with a bag and a bottle are a good idea.

But the prosecution couldn't demonstrate this. So if he wasn't the aggressor, then this was self defense 100%. If he raised his rifle, provoking the first guy into chasing him, then it definitely could have shaken a self defense claim if he provoked the situation. Although it's hard to say, let's say you provoke someone and they chase you, can they chase you indefinitely and you lose your right to self defense an hour later when they catch you? It would definitely open up more lines of questioning.

The more interesting conversations are around how it was legal for a 17 year old to carry a rifle that didn't belong to him, and how things have devolved to the point where he was there in the first place.

All the politicisation of the case has been from people with agendas, who wouldn't care about the truth if it slapped them in the face. And people who've only read headlines without following the case or watching footage.

PhilipMarc2 weeks ago

He was innocent and anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't looked at the facts.

Stop watching BBC, CNN or CBS. Do your own research.

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