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Last Minute Shopping?


So I always buy my Christmas presents in advance, however this means that I actually end up spending more money but getting more stuff.

I'm thinking about doing my Xmas shopping last minute next year.

What do you guys do? Do you find last minute Xmas deals ok?

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
sarahgreen157 months ago

I very rarely buy anything last minute.. I start in September and am usually done by November with everything wrapped... I think this year I’m going to try to get more in the sales after Christmas though..

G05017 months ago

I do half slightly in advance and the rest last minute. I wouldn't recommend it as it is very stressful

Janhrrs7 months ago

I couldn't leave it till the last minute, it would stress me out way too much, lol. My son on the other hand rings me every year in the afternoon on Christmas Eve to ask what he should get his siblings for Christmas 🤦‍♀️

MeestairChrees7 months ago

Why do you spend more by buying in advance? If you get too much stuff, save some for next year. Problem solved!

hspexy7 months ago

I like last minute shopping - even if I panic that I’m not going to get everything, the retailers seem to panic more about their profits so you do find a lot of things go down in price dramatically. But if it’s something specific that I want to get, research will go into it way in advance

chelseaturpin7 months ago

Hate last minute shopping I'm happy getting all my birthday and xmas present sorted out in the first couple months of the year when I have time and money not at last minute when I usually dont have money lol

Mango47 months ago

We used to pick things up particularly Toys throughout the year as and when we saw deals , but we usually didn't save anything as we bought more than we actually intended to. For the past few years thou we have started around mid November buying and fortunately there always seems to be loads of deals and offers around anyway, plus things like Sainsbury's Nectar double up that we use to buy all the wrapping paper etc , so overall it has worked out better for us to start later . Obviously this may not be the case if your on a tight budget and need to budget throughout the year

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