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Longest Amount of Time You Have Had to Wait for an Amazon Order?

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Ordered a Tourney rear derailleur on the 28th April and just been dispatched, should get it Monday. That's about 10 weeks in total I think, well over 2 months.

Anyone beat that? I don't mean a pre-order. The item was claimed to be in stock at the time as well I think although clearly wasn't. They have already given me £5 for the wait as a courtesy gesture even though it only cost £4.20. I'd sort of given up hope I would get it as bicycle parts are in short supply at the moment.

a month ago
What do you think of this?
Golfforalla month ago

Coming up to a year for a box of Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps (was on offer and in stock last August at an amazing price ) . Also coming up to 2 months for a Hozelock hosepipe which was in stock (at a great price ) when I ordered it .

Seems to me they no longer honour great price orders when they run out of the promotional stock . Both items have been in stock and advertised since (although at a much higher price ) .

heatherduthiea month ago

Me too, waited for 11 months for the ready salted ones. Ordered 2 boxes. Got fed up getting emails to update me that they were delayed again and again so cancelled the order A few weeks back. But I did receive the previous ones I ordered a few weeks before that and they arrived quite quickly if I remember correctly

Mango4a month ago

Items sold by Amazon and in stock always arrive quickly for me, usual next day but certainly within a few days at the longest. Marketplace sellers can sometimes be slow thou sometimes months if it comes from China.

cocolgooha month ago

I waited about 2 months for some soup I ordered from Amazon. It wasn’t ideal having to keep waiting, since I ordered it when I was shielding and couldn’t go get it from the store instead. It eventually arrived though.

SarahHorsfielda month ago

Not sure

Maybe a month but don’t think anyone received it

rossruby1977a month ago

If it’s in stock at Amazon you get it so quick. But if it’s someone from China I’ve had one item not arrive and never got my cash back.

But in generally something that says it’s arriving in a month usually arrives a little sooner.

These items I wouldn’t normally buy as how long they take but it’s on offer so you go with the flow and let it arrive from China.

blacklabradora month ago

Ordered some extra memory for my laptop a couple of days ago, the order states it will be here on the 17th to 18th July.

To be fair though it is coming from Amazon EU - I could have had it the day after ordering but that was £15 more, so I'm happy to wait.

hspexya month ago

The longest was about 4 weeks for some chocolates - they had a distribution issue, so it confused a few agents and I talked to about 5 before a manager admitted they had an issue. Got well compensated for it, so not entirely unhappy

neo1a month ago

I was waiting about 5 months for a box of Nix Naks crisps, id already chased it. Contacted them again and they cancelled it and gave me a refund and £10 promo credit

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