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Love is Blind - Netflix Series


Has anyone seen this? 🙈

Basically there are a group of men and women living seperate and they get to talk to each other via pods, they dont know what the other person looks like.

They only get to meet the person they choose when they get engaged.

The couples that are now engaged then go on holiday to spend time together, then they move in together and meet each others familys.

Then its the wedding days - will they say I Do or I Do Not!

This had all happened in a matter of weeks and the while point is to see if love really is blind!

I wont give away any spoilers but let me know what you think. Is love blind?

I dont think so. I love my wife and weve been together 10 years. Would i have gone out with her if i didnt fancy her based on looks aswell? Probably not!

30 days ago
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