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Do You Manage the 10,000 Steps a Day?

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I go on two walks a day with my dog and my mother who is 81. We do a totally of over 13,000 steps a day. But I have never noticed any weight loss!

26 days ago
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BlueOrchid25 days ago

It's because you need to make a calorie deficit... even if you are very active but eat too much calorific foods the weight won't drop. For example it depends on the walk how fast you walk etc and how long it takes also how much you weigh to how many calories you burn. Roughly 10,000 steps for average person would burn about 300 kcal. If your breakfast, lunch and dinner has roughly about 500kcal each plus snacks it would add up to average 2,000 kcal intake. So really you would need to look into your diet. What you eat and when. If you were good all day active but then had some snacks in the evening because you did well that would cancel all the good work... also sometimes it's a case for swapping things. For example handful of raisins to few handfuls of grapes. Both has same calories but grapes would make you feel fuller in comparison to raisins. And there are hidden sugars pretty much in any food these days so to try and reduce that would be a good idea.

lornaae25 days ago

I used to when I had a much more active job, right now my job involves me sitting at a desk for much of the day unfortunately

Ann198425 days ago

I did when kids were in school I would clock up 23000 a day can't wait for the school run to start back up

hspexy25 days ago

Yes but you won’t get weight loss from doing the recommended amount, as that‘ll only help you maintain your current weight. I don’t find that just walking help you lose weight. You need intense exercises. When I did an everest challenge years ago I lost loads of weight within a month without really thinking about it

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