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Im sure every parent experiences mum or dad guilt sometimes. As a mum to 3 kids i feel constantly that im not doing enough or that im not treating them equally etc. Does anyone else feel this way a lot?

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig4 months ago

I had mum guilt with my son for a long time. I felt guilty he wasn't putting enough weight on despite our best efforts, not taking him to baby groups even though he wasn't allowed out the house, that he wasn't interacting with other babies. I quickly realised that I was doing the absolute best for my son and that's what mattered. Mum guilt is awful, we feel bad even though we are trying our best.

I had the ultimate mum guilt when I left him in the hospital for his operation. I was going I know he needs this but how could I do that to him!? Then feeling guilty for leaving him in the NICU when I couldn't have done anything for him anyway.

It definitely taught me that I was being too hard on myself and I try not to let the mum guilt get to me as much.

ClaireF19784 months ago

All the time. I'm working too much, or not enough or not doing a good enough job with healthy food or educational activities. That I come down to hard on bad behaviour or that I'm too soft. It's tough.

mso4 months ago

I am with my kids all the time and as soon as I leave the house even for 5 minutes I feel mummy’s guilt and can’t enjoy it and I feel bad that I didn’t take them with me. (I don’t leave them alone obviously ☺️) It’s a strange feeling that I didn’t understand before I had my kids.

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