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What Music Providers Do You Use?


Please let me know for research purposes. All responses are greatly appreciated. Many Thanks for your help.

7 months ago
What do you think of this?
Rockman7 months ago

I tend to stick to Encore Radio (Texas) and CFOM Radio (Quebec) via Simply Radio on my Android devices.

Actual music services, I'd say Spotify and Apple Music are great but I don't find value paying for Apple Music when the two radios I listen to stream the songs I want.

Besides that, I have my own music files from CDs, Play Store Music and iTunes purchases/freebies I've acquired.

BW077 months ago

Deezer all the way. Plenty of free terms out there. My last 3 years with them has only cost me £60. Currently just got a free 4 monther aswell.

Interface great, selection of music good and quality cant complain for a streaming service. Their FLAC is 19.99 a month. Wish i could.afford that

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