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The Naughty Elves


has anyone invested in one of the naughty elves off the shelf and join everyone else by doing the silly things for the kiddies each night before bed ? ive seen some fantastic sights this season but also some that i sit n scratch my head n think ermm supposed to be for the children , when someone took a picture of the elf with a rolled up £5 n flour on the worktop n loks like the elf snorting cocaine ..or 2 elves doing different positions supposedly having sex ... no wander some kids go bad . USE FOR THE KIDS FOLKS NOT FOR YOUR OWN SAD THOUGHTS

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis2 years ago

I get sick of those adults who try to justify their actions and say they don't impact on kids. It is proven over and over that kids learn lifetime habits and behaviour from parents and they need to be taught kindness, manners, not to swear, drink, smoke, to be unselfish, loving. Anyone who doubts that just look at bad adults and the life they had. (I do realise that some kids with great parents sometimes go bad, usually peer pressure).

To anyone reading this go to YouTube and search: children see, children do.

Zowieeb2 years ago

I thought id just point out that there's two elf types out there. There is an adult version which If defo not kid friendly 😂 he comes with a book of adult appropriate naughty tricks and he's wearing a black Xmas outfit. He is more expensive than the origional kid version which may be why people just use the origional? Defo not for kids tho 😂 my elf doesn't do coke but he has burried his head in a bowl of sugar 🙃

SuzJ2 years ago

It's not something we do - or ever have. I find it all a bit daft and gimmicky to be honest. That said, my lad's youth club went out yesterday with a bundle of these elves and had the best time. They did lots of tasks - riding the elves on the escalators, asking security guards for directions to the North Pole etc etc. Thankfully all the staff were nice to them (I do wonder if the Youth Club leaders prewarned them!) The adult ones I don't find funny - not my sense of humour and like you say, doesn't give out the best of messages!!!

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