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Need Help Helping Kids with Maths

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If we all honest does anyone else need help before helping primary school kids with maths?

Today I had to get my teenage daughter to explain my year 1 maths homework to me before I could help him as I wasn't sure what was being asked

I've also found the working out has changed too

22 days ago
What do you think of this?
Ann198422 days ago

I find the way working out has changed high school some it looks like a sudoku puzzle. Am ok until the kids hit juniors then am puzzled. I have showed them my way but they say am wrong even though my answer is correct and their way is wrong. But because the teacher showed them this way am always wrong so tell them go and ask teacher for help then. I have even brought it up in parents even that my child is scared of working things out a different easier way because the way you are teaching them.

Lynibis21 days ago

I am a great believer in, if it works don't fix it. I too was shocked at the change to working out sums, it is not easier, just different. What they failed to factor in was that the two generations prior to the new ways (parents and grandparents) were then unable to help the kids.

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