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Netflix deals?


Anyone know if Netflix ever have deals like Xbox LIVE and PlayStation for 3, 6 and 12 months?

I'm aware of that the Mexican Netflix seems to be the cheapest but I'd need to use a VPN and I don't know about that.

What do you think of this?
Tom5 months ago

Don't know about it in the sense of don't know how to do? Or don't know about that because it seems dodgy? HOLA is a great VPN for Google Chrome.

Kelsey5 months ago

I can't say I've ever seen Netflix subscriptions on offer I'm afraid :confused:

There are different tiers of subscription that might be a bit cheaper if you're happy with standard definition or non-ultra-HD stuff.

Then there's always sharing an account with friends/family. I'm not sure what the official stance of Netflix is on this - you can have multiple user profiles under one account but I'm not sure if it's intended for one household or family or something else. Either way - it doesn't seem to be particularly enforced if you're happy with a grey area!

Then there are the options of subscribing to a different country's Netflix. I've never done it but I don't know if it introduces problems with billing? You might potentially have to get a prepaid Mexican credit card and use a made up address? Not sure!

I think out of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Now TV, etc Netflix is my favourite though :thumbsup:

Deepak5 months ago

Canadian Netflix has the most TV shows and movies if that helps. But VPN might be required.

Dread5 months ago

Netflix blocked VPN's and Smart DNS some time ago so i had to cancel my subscription. I believe there may be the odd ones out there that are still able to get around the block at the moment but probably won't last forever.


US Netflix has the most


Rockman5 months ago

Wow. UK Netflix is almost left out on that chart. Didn't even see Netflix Spain.