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I know it’s different in different areas.

How long have any of you waited for an operation on the NHS.

How long from the pre assessment appointment until the operation.

Any help is much appreciated?

10 months ago
What do you think of this?
didbygraham10 months ago

It is different depending on where you live but in most places the NHS is under a lot of pressure so its not unusual to have to wait well over the 18 week wait that should be the maximum. The best tip if you are waiting - make a friendly nuisance of yourself!

Keep calling and asking when you will be seen. Remain polite but keep reminding staff that you need to be seen and should not be kept waiting.

Ask if there is a short notice cancellation list - if you are able to attend at short notice it can make a big difference.

If anything changes let them know. If you change address / phone number / GP etc dont assume that they will know.

If you are going to be away for any period of time - phone up to check - you dont want to be called while you are away and then get put back down the list when they cant get hold of you.

If you phone in - always ask the name of who you are speaking to - write it down. If you have been put through to someone on the telephone ask them for a direct number or extension number so you can get hold of them again if you need to.

If someone books an appointment for you while you are on the phone make sure you ask for it to be sent in the post as well. If dont get confirmation in the post within a day or so call them back and double check as sometime things dont get booked properly.

If you have been told there is likely to be a long wait, ask if the operation is available anywhere else. If you are lucky to have other hospitals within reach you may get treatment considerably quicker elsewhere.

But just to reiterate the main point - try to remain calm and polite to all staff you deal with. Most of them want to help you even if the system is working against them. If the staff cant help you, ask to speak to someone else. If you get no joy speaking to appointments staff, ask to speak to the consultants secretary

Good luck!

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