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Nintendo Switch worth It?


I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the switch and if it is really worth the price I get the idea of it but it’s so pricy..

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
PhilipMarc2 years ago

I have one but sold all of the games as I'm no longer interested in it, it is a great gaming console on the go. The reason I kept the Switch is because a friend wants to buy it otherwise I'd have gotten rid of it too.

Switch had free online play, now it's paid and hardly worth it. The games are usually overpriced but there are deals here and there so gotta keep your eyes open for it.

Buying the black Pro Controller isn't worth it, unless you get it for £30-40, this is because the newer revisions have fixed the d-pad issues.

Ah, don't forget you'll need a 64GB or a 128GB microSD (SanDisk cards are well priced) because most of the Switch games nowadays are incomplete and require to download extra game content digitally.

A glass tempered screen protector is a must so the Switch's screen itself doesn't get scratched.

P.S. The Switch can be hacked to play backups but that's piracy so can't talk about that.

Original Poster
2 years ago

Bloody hell didn’t realise that why would you buy one! So much for a console that in a few years will be out dated

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