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No Cash in You Pocket

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What do you think about having no cash in your pocket but having to either use ur phone or card or have a chip in ur hand me I like to still use cash hate using my card to pay for things I need in shops and deffo not the chip scanner for me what do you a ll think?

6 months ago
What do you think of this?
MumOfThree6 months ago

I don't carry cash anymore everything goes on my card, I prefer it for tracking - much easier to keep an eye on what you're spending. I'm quite happy using my fitbit for contactless payment as well.

Mango46 months ago

Always carry some cash with me just in case and always use cash for small purchases say under £5, and will use my card for larger purchases Still not overly trusting of putting everything on my phone especially anything financial .

A mix of all is good for me, not sure I would want to be chipped thou, I think that's getting a bit to Big Brother for me.

KirstyW6 months ago

I prefer this, i get annoyed when cash is the only option cos you are less likely to carry it, such as ticket machines

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