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Am Being a Nosy Parker Tonight

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I notice a lot of newbies welcome aboard.

also I have gone along way back on chats and looked at peoples profiles lol

but who honestly is only here for the freebies and glitches. dont get me wrong a glitch is good but I also love the deals posted everyday as long as they useful to me.

its just some members have been here a while not contributed once only commented which is why I ask my question what brings you to latest deal

29 days ago
What do you think of this?
Loislane29 days ago

I love all deals freebies and comp and to hopefully make some friends x

Lynibis29 days ago

I don't think it matters if folk don't contribute to every section of the site. Although I do post deals I don't make use of any, I think I have only ever bought one thing from here. I will not buy something I don't need just because it is on offer otherwise I am spending money and not saving anything. Vouchers, freebies and even comps are thin on the ground so I don't post many. I like chat as it is usually polite, lots nicer than fb which I deleted ages ago.

lilyflower29 days ago

Some just aren't quick enough to get the deal or competition posted. I've been pipped at the post quite a few times - I do try 🙂

KirsteyJames29 days ago

Ive always been good at bargain hunting and finding good deals and a friend invited me to this site. Originally i joined for the deals (i thought they were being posted by the site owners) then i saw a post of fb about people gaining points from posting deals and realised i was able to share my deals. Most things i post are things i am have bought or looking at buying, i also have friends that ask me to find them the best deals for things they want. I dont think ive had any freebies or glitches - none that i can think of. I only get things i want 🤣

Janhrrs28 days ago

I joined for the deals, which have been really useful. Then found I really enjoy hunting for deals to put on here. Also got quite obsessed with fabric samples, so freebies are great. Love the chat on here and receiving vouchers is the icing on the cake 🙂

MrsCraig28 days ago

I joined for the deals. I don't have time at the moment to be hunting for deals to post to the site and when I have found one to share someone has usually beaten me to it, same with comps. I haven't actually bought any of the deals for a long time as bone of them have been something that I need and I'm not going to buy it just because it is a good deal of I'm not going to use it. I enjoy the chat section and the points and vouchers are an added bonus.

MeestairChrees27 days ago

There are a lot of people who linger and don't even have accounts. We're probably in the minority when we post stuff.

RnD194hd27 days ago

I joined to do comps whilst sat about waiting. I do look through deals but now enjoy the chat section

davidstockport27 days ago

Many who don't post deals etc. could well be those who are of most value to Latest Deals, they might actually be looking for bargains, and purchase by clicking on links. . . who actually finance this site. (many might not even be members).

Those who think because they post deals that they're what keeps LD running - can be likened to those who give things to charity shops, who don't realise that it's those who buy the goods, and supply the money, who are probably the most essential.

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