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Is the Not a Law for Fireworks This Time of Year


its started alreaday the crash bang wallop n lights flashing ... both my dogs have been going crazy today and tbh its drove me mad today ,,, i feel like contasting councillor and ask is there anything we can do .. surely they not going to be doing this every night till beginning of december they usually finish round here ... they have just stopped .. n they blood idiots have been using them since coming out of school ... my question is how do they afford to buy them and who is selling them to them ... really stressing me already and stress ike this means one this seizures xx

10 days ago
What do you think of this?
Tasha0429 days ago

I'm sure you have to be 18 to buy them. I think you need some kind of permission from the council to let them off in a public place. If it's in their own garden's though there's probably nothing you can do. My friend's neighbours were setting them off in the road last year and the police came and spoke to them.

hspexy9 days ago

They can get them for Diwali and Eid, so fireworks are usually going off during the summer over here. Mind you, at least there are some restrictions - the school corridors was like a warzone back in the day

Original Poster
9 days ago

its kids shouted through window not long ago the was throwing them at each other .. they scare me to death x i was terrified of one of them throwing one through letter box but seem to have gone x

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