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How Often Do You Buy Something You Don't Need Just Cos It is on Offer


I do this all the time so easy fooled into buying- and I think I am very money savvy too- clearly not

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis2 years ago

Never. I learned very early on as a young housewife not to waste money on things I didn't need no matter how good the offer or deal. You are never saving money, but spending money on something you wouldn't have even thought of had you not seen it on offer. Now, if I actually want/need something and it is on offer, that is a different story.

MrsCraig2 years ago

Never! If it is something I won't use or don't need then I don't buy it! If something we use or need is one offer then we will buy it as we are actually saving money that way but otherwise we don't buy

hspexy2 years ago

it happens occasionally, although I always find a use for what I buy - or I find someone who can use it! Managed to get some free soy products last month, which I have yet to use. I do know some vegetarians, so they can have them

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