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How Often Do You See Your Dentist for a Checkup?


How often do you see your dentist for a checkup? I usually go at least once a year. I take good care of teeth though so hardly need to go.

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
ShellyAnn2 years ago

I go once a year and don't like it. I feel like it is forced or else I will get kicked off the books (or so that's what my mother says. I don't know if that's true). I have good teeth and don't have to go more than once so my dentist says. I think I should go when I feel there's a problem. I don't just go to the doctors for no reason so I don't get why I have to just go to the dentist and be out of pocket for no reason.

RegularComper902 years ago

I haven't seen my dentist since 2015. But my teeth seem OK and I take good care of them.

MrsCraig2 years ago

Once or twice a year. They send a reminder every 6 months.

JandE862 years ago

once a year.. 🙂 teeth is important with looks; proper pronunciation and communication and chewing.. 🙂

Mango42 years ago

Twice a year, after building up the practice on the NHS and the patients trust in them they went Private about four years ago . Now we have to pay £8.50 per person per month for two checkups and two hygienist appointment each year. Difficult to find anyone taking NHS patients local to us unfortunately we have enquired a few times. Don't get me wrong we like and trust our dentist but being forced to pay for private checkups and treatment ( when needed) is not something we really want to do, especially as the treatment and service is no different to when they were NHS.

nicoledbradburn2 years ago

every 6months...I get a reminder by text every 6months

I think you can go every 3months if you like I

don't really like it but it's good to have a check up at least once a year....

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