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Ola Enters London Market

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It’s definitely good to have more options, especially as it’ll keep the taxi market competitive

Is this a service you would use?

a year ago
What do you think of this?
PhilipMarca year ago

I've been getting a crap ton of ads from this company so hopefully they'll tone it down now. That alone has put me off, but if I need, I may use them.

BonzoBananaa year ago

Personally I'm not for de-regulation of taxi services, it just feels like there is a real safety risk. The reason it was regulated in the first place was because of safety concerns and nothing has changed in that regard. London is a complicated city to drive in and poorly trained drivers could cause accidents. Somethings shouldn't be de-regulated. Can I just buy a people carrier that can take 9 people and call myself a coach service and charge £12 a head for a day trip when other professional coach companies have to follow many more rules and vehicle inspections and have drivers that are properly trained? Yes it might save us money but would you apply the same principle to air or train services. Such services should be regulated and unfortunately such regulation drives up costs.

DannySpeeda year ago

Who is betting this isn't one of the directors or something of Uber setting up again in competition because Uber have fell out of favour? All you have to do is whitewash the fleet or get new cars. The infrastructure is there already.

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