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From Olympic Kayaking to Cocaine

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You could say he's up the creek without a paddle now

and the only medal he will get now will be made of fools gold


8 days ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibis8 days ago

Just a word to the wise, the following is taken from LD guidelines:

Spam: Please use Chat for genuine discussion. We consider frequent repetitive posts such as 'This vs That?' or 'What's Your Favourite?', topics copied from the past, or frequently asking for opinion on news items to be spam. Your Chat topics may go into moderation. Please also take part in the discussions you create and reply to those who have responded. Once in a while is OK, three times a day, every day is not.

Original Poster
8 days ago

Thanks for the advice L

I havent done any of the things you have mentioned , at least not here, and i always make further comments in my other posts

This post is to show how even olympic champions can be involved in criminal activities, another example being Oscar Pistorius, not drugs but murder in his case

I always post interesting topics rather than frivolous matters and try to get members involved in the discussion

I dont consider this to be a spam article and have put my own spin on my introduction to the topic and have tried to put some thought into it

I provide a link so people can see the full story but i do try to refrain from copy and pasting whole articles

If copying a link is contravening LD guidlines then i wont do this anymore, but when there is a drop down in the choice for newspaper articles to me this is pointing to allowing this

I hope this reply helps to explain things

thank you

ACR5 days ago

It looks like he and his brother are up a certain creek without a paddle. It'll be a while before he's sitting in a kayak again 🛶

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