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Do You Do Your Own House Maintenance?


I spent last weekend glossing 3 upstairs doors and putting on new handles. I have 2 more doors to gloss and another to varnish, I then need to paint my downstairs hall.

The worst part is the prep but once I start I feel glad and look forward to the end result.

A couple of years ago I did every room in the house (emulsion) and soon the skirting boards will need attention, but I find them a bit difficult as it's hard to get up once I've got down lol.

Do you decorate or pay someone?

4 months ago
What do you think of this?
Ann19844 months ago

I like to decorate myself you appreciate it more I think my father in law likes to do it but I do feel guilty letting him

Original Poster
4 months ago

If someone offers and are not being asked then it is lovely to have someone do it for you. I wouldn't pay a tradesman to do stuff I can manage but my sons do a lot for me if I can't manage. My son recently put a banister up my stairs as he said he kept worrying about me falling down them!

If it is hard to accept without feeling guilty maybe it could be in lieu of a birthday/Christmas present.

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