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Who is on There Own in This Lockdown and What Are You Doing


Hi all hope you are well and safe. I was just wounding who are on there own in this lockdown and what are you doing. I am on my own. And what I am doing is lambing, , crafts baking and two new hobbies are card making and gardening these two I have never done before. Just thought gardening would be great hobbies to do. Looking to grow potatoes, carrots onions and salad things. Well I am just going to give it a go and see what happens. I love reading. I've read a lot of book So far and it's lucky I have a lot in stock So if you are on your own what are you doing. πŸŒΎπŸπŸ‘

a year ago
What do you think of this?
Lynibisa year ago

Hi Nicola. I made a list of things to do that don't get done when I am working. Things like cleaning out kitchen cupboards, washing nets, descaling kettle etc, sorting out my wardrobe. I try to do one thing per day and then I can indulge in pleasure like reading, boxsets and cooking. I quite like gardening when I am in the mood and it is nice to have time to do it without clock watching all the time.

Card making is something I have always fancied but will probably get into it properly when I am fully retired.

Anyway, keep well and glad you have a few lambs to cuddle!

sunny101a year ago

My house has never been so clean and I've vacuumed it to within an inch of it's life! I have spend the last hour slicing and portioning a large Serrano ham I bought after Christmas. It was bought for a family party but, with the current circumstances, that ship sailed. OH sorted the seeds for this year's tomatoes and it's been a music day with very little tv/news. I love reading too and tend to settle at about 3pm - have read more than I will admit to. I've discovered new recipes for bread and will continue with a buttermilk recipe in the future. (only had leftover plain flour) I hope you will share some pics of your cards here and on this thread too.


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