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Parliament Has the Virus

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i know it’s all everyone has been talking about lately abd I haven’t really changed my way of living. I’m clean and wash my hands without anyone having to tell me to. But do you think now as a member of parliament has the corona virus theyll are going to dramatically look at this and isolate us? Im very relaxed about the whole thing right now but my parents are telling me to stock up and expect the worst???? what are your views

29 days ago
What do you think of this?
Johnny29 days ago

It sounds like the potential for it to become very serious is certainly there.

Coronavirus could kill 45 million people worldwide warns a top Hong Kong medical official.

For comparison the flu kills about 650,000 a year.

It could mean a big change in lifestyle for a year or two in terms of mobility, travel, gatherings etc.

AgnesFaludi29 days ago

Everyone should be locked down till it goes, before it gets worst.

It is easier to prevent than when the hospitals will be unable to deal with it.

But I saw Boris and he said lets just let it spread....hoping the Summer will hit with heat and it will be gone.

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