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Partner Not Coming Home

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Do you think If your partner goes out and doesn't come home all night and doesn't even tell you that they're going out then ignores your calls means there doing something they dont want you to know about?? Or is this just normal?? as this happened to a friend of mine and I think my friend is thinking the worst I would like to reassure my friend but ive not got that much experience with relationships and your opinions would be welcome thanks

19 days ago
What do you think of this?
Letgetfreestuff19 days ago

I don't think they are trusting each other. The partner who went out should tell the person where they are and what they are up to otherwise if they are not doing that than there's a problem. Never know what the other partner is up to. They might be in another relationship, they might have personal problems that they don't feel comfortable telling, or maybe they just want a break from the other person. I would not consider this relationship as healthy honestly. Hope all turns out well 🙂

ukheather19 days ago

Very odd to not say where you are. That is not normal imo.

They may be unhappy or cheating or something else (I always think the worst first unfortunately)

MrsCraig19 days ago

My husband would always tell me if he was going out and if he decided last minute to stay at a friends he would text or phone me to let me know, although he has never stayed out all night and wouldn't stay out all night either. Again, if I was going out I would tell him and wouldn't stay out all night.

I don't think what is happening is healthy and that she should be talking to her partner about it.

eyeballkerry19 days ago

Totally agree, this is not normal behaviour in a loving relationship

AgnesFaludi19 days ago

If u are in a relationship and u go out for a night u tell to your partner.

Lynibis19 days ago

If you are not guilty of wrongdoing why would you not be totally up front and honest?

I was a young married in the 70s when women stayed home with the kids and the husband could just go out whenever he liked. This sort of thing happened to me constantly plus he was in the navy away for months at a time. He always swore black was blue that I could trust him and even when I caught him out in lies he would wriggle out of trouble.

When he left me swearing there was no one else I defended him over and over (silly me) but finally opened my eyes after being away on a work course and he came home to babysit. When speaking on phone to my son he told me daddy had a lady round who pretended to leave but crept back in. He is now on his 4th wife, could be 5th since I heard anything last. Sorry but your friend is in for a nasty surprise. I have never trusted a man since.

SaverDeals19 days ago

I personally think that is a very unusual type of behaviour in a loving relationship. I would love to be able to reassure your friend but unfortunately I think it needs to be questioned. If nothing's wrong then it should be fine.

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