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What Do People Think of the Blackpool Illuminations ?


i think its lovely to walk through but is it really worth all that money ,, do u think its worth it or could it be spent on more needed things like hospital staff or police >

10 months ago
What do you think of this?
Tasha04210 months ago

To be honest, blackpool is a very poor area with not much income or investments so they need the illuminations to attract tourists and to create more income for the local area. They spend a lot but they earn so much from it. I think we do need more spent on hospitals and police though! I don't see why they have to suffer from cuts and job losses all the time while MPs salaries are still going up.

nicolajaynehend10 months ago

I went to Blackpool well over 30 years ago. And it was a lovely holiday. But I've never seen the lights. I would not go back now it's just not safe. I think lights have had there day. It seem the same lights go up. But what they do is put in different places. To make it look like new lights. They charge a arm and a leg to stay in Blackpool when lights are on. They should put the money back in to Blackpool and make things better and safer. Then people would go back for holidays. And bring money back.🦄🦄🦄

dawsyuk10 months ago

The illuminations were originally founded in 1879 and began with just a row of eight arc lamps on 60ft high poles along the seafront.

Police and NHS budgets are not funded or decided by Blackpool or Lancashire council. Attracting visitors to the area can only be a positive thing for the local economy.

I live in Nottinghamshire, we don't get extra money for the Police and NHS because we don't have illuminations.

HannahSunderlan10 months ago

When I was a kid my dad would always drive us up there to look at them and I loved it! As an adult I’ve been back to the pleasure beach but not while the lights were on, I would go back though 😊

I think it does bring a lot of tourism to the area which is great!

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