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Petrol and Diesel Prices Fluctuation in the News?

In the News

What annoys me - is we get these reports about petrol and diesel going up and down, and it seems to me that certain petrol companies and individual garages make their own prices up?

I can go from one to another and there is a huge difference, within the same company! Something is off there.


1 year ago
What do you think of this?
ClaireF19781 year ago

I used to get so hung up on this as I drive a lot. I have one near work and one near home (both sainsburys) that I know are usually on the cheaper side and try not to think about it too much.

MeestairChrees1 year ago

I don't get why it varies so much between neighboring towns, especially from the same company. Really annoys me!

Golfforall1 year ago

Its all down to local competition - but still doesn't make sense . I live 10 miles north of Peterborough (which has many Supermarkets with petrol stations ) yet the prices here (in Stamford ) are always 2-3p per litre cheaper than any of the Peterborough Supermarkets and have been for years . Price fixing ?- or would a Peterborough Supermarket ( Asda , Tesco, Sainsburys , Morrisons ) care to explain ?

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