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I have been posting deals vouchers and freebies etc since I joined a few days ago. I have had my first message saying that one of my posts is being reviewed first before it is posted. Why is this??

1 month ago
What do you think of this?
MeestairChrees1 month ago

What was it?

I've found that often if you post a glitch or misprice, they'll review that (maybe to get the goodies before everyone else...).

Also if it had any words the system deemed rude, it can put it in moderation - it's done this for words like "boob" before.

Letgetfreestuff1 month ago

These days after a deal or freebie etc is being reviewed it takes a lot of time for them to post it. I messaged them and the response was that volunteers look through the reviews and then they deal with it.

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